reduce reuse recycleReuse is simply the act of finding a second (or third, or tenth or hundredth) use for a product to prolong its life.  Reuse is an important step after you've already reduced, but before you are ready to recycle.

Reuse is a process that many of us already implement in our everyday lives without realizing it. Any time you buy or sell a product second-hand, such as from SEVCA, Craigslist, or eBay you are providing an additional use for this product, while at the same time, not requiring another one to be created.

The important thing to consider when you want to reuse is that "creativity is king" in the process. The creativity also provides the opportunity to be thrifty, by reusing what you already have for new, innovative purposes.

"Sewing Peace"

"Sewing Peace" update - the May shipment arrived in Uganda on July 24, 2017. It was a long voyage but the boxes of sewing machines arrived safely. If you have a no-longer-used but working sewing machine, please consider donating it to the Sewing Peace project. Just bring it to your local transfer station and let the folks there know that you want to donate it to Sewing Peace. Thank you. (Last year we sent 43 machines; this year, on September 22, 2017 we sent 95 sewing machines, including 3 treadles!)


The Bridgewater Thrift Store

Over 6,000 square fee on the third floor of the Bridgewater Mill, which is west of Woodstock on Route 4 in Bridgewater, Vermont.  They sell clothing, housewares, shoes, and books. The store is open seven days a week, 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.   802-672-1990    In 2011, they recycled over 41 tons of clothing.



Freecycling is a great way to "get rid of stuff."


"Our Mission:  To divert clean, usable commercial/industrial surplus from the landfill and offer it to the public as art, craft and educational materials."
ReSOURCE is located in Burlington, Barre, and Morrisville.  Click on ReSOURCE for the address and hours of operation.


"Be paint wise; buy the right size."

Materials Exchanges

Materials exchanges facilitate the reuse of materials and save them from becoming waste. They do this by acting like a broker or bulletin board, helping businesses or people that have unwanted materials connect with others who could use that same material. Here is a list of some exchanges:
  • Reuse Marketplace

A free service whose goal is to minimize waste by fostering the exchange of reusable commercial resources. Click here for more information.

  • Freecycle

A national web-based exchange.

  • UVM (University of Vermont) Surplus Property

The mission of the program is to keep useful items out of the landfill.


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